Customized Specialties

Developing specialized coatings & laminates

Copper Substrates

Conductive films for electronics, PV, NFC 

Heat Radiation Protection

Thermal and infrared radiation shields 

Surfacing & Protective Films

Surfacing films upgrading metals & plastics 

Vacuum Insulation Panel Laminates

Exceptional solutions for VIP insulation 

Ultra High Barrier Laminates

High-performance flexible protection  

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Vacuum Insulation Panel Laminates imgLink
Surfacing & Protective Films imgLink
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Copper Substrates imgLink
Customized Specialties imgLink

Hanita Coatings – The Creative Process for the Coating Edge

Hanita Coatings specializes in the development and manufacture of high performance engineered films to enhance the energy saving, security or durability of our customers’ products and environments.

Hanita’s unique combination of technologies delivers value-added solutions adding performance and cost advantages across a wide range of markets. This, together with dedicated service, flexibility and consistency of quality, makes Hanita Coatings an emerging force in the specialty films global market.

Tel. 972-4-985-9919

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