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Ultra-high barrier laminates for VIPs

Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIPs) are a highly efficient advanced thermal insulation technology up to 10 times more effective than conventional insulation. VIPs are used to enhance the performance of refrigerators; to form insulation containers for transportation; and to insulate buildings.

The lifetime and performance of the VIP depend on the barrier properties of the laminate used for the VIP membrane/envelope. Hanita VIP laminates provide the most effective solution for VIP insulation available on the market today.

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Hanita VIP ultra-high barrier laminates are available in rolls, or pre-formed as bags or envelopes. These laminate envelopes seal the vacuum of the VIP, ensuring the longevity and continued insulating performance of the vacuum insulation panel.


Cross-cut of a Vacuum Insulation Panel

Cross-cut of a Vacuum Insulation Panel

Hanita Coatings' Role

Hanita VIP laminates can ensure the extended longevity of the vacuum panel, enabling VIPs suitable for the building and construction industry, harsh conditions (heat and moisture), as well as the shorter-term cold shipping or appliances market.

Hanita Coatings pioneered the development of ultra-high barrier laminates for the vacuum insulation panel (VIP) market based on lamination of vacuum metallized PET films. The unique in-vacuum metallization processes developed by Hanita in recent years have enabled the production of perfect metallic barrier layers that allow gas and moisture permeation well below any similar product on the market, specifically to prevent moisture permeation while keeping the thermal bridge effect very low.

All Hanita VIP laminates contain internal heat seal layers of high quality polyethylene or PP films (normally 50 micron thick) that ensure perfect sealing properties. Hanita laminates are available either as rolls or as pre-formed envelopes.

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