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Ultra High Barrier Laminates

Ultra High Barrier Laminates

 Hanita Coatings’ ultra-high barrier laminates make the ideal replacement for aluminum foil in applications where mechanical constraints and high thermal conductivity are a concern. Hanita has extensive experience in tailoring development of high-barrier packaging with exceptional moisture, oxygen and aroma protection for industries from construction to pharmaceuticals

Window Spacers

Hanita’s ultra-high barrier laminates ensure effective window spacer performance. In high-performance double-glazed insulated glass units (IGUs), the glass layers are separated by a spacer and sealant system. These warm-edge spacers lessen heat loss through the window and enhance the window energy performance.

Hanita Coatings has developed a range of ultra-high barrier laminates for spacers to ensure that moisture won't leak in, and insulating gas won't leak out. The films’ incomparable levels of moisture barrier ensure highly effective spacer performance, and exceptionally energy efficient glazing units.

Vacuum insulation panels

Hanita's flagship ultra high barrier laminates protect and enable Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIPs), an advanced thermal insulation technology up to 8 times more effective than conventional insulation. These energy efficient, space-saving panels are used to insulate refrigerators and other appliances, cold containers and buildings.

Battery Pouches

Present and future developments of new-age wearable electronics and flexible electronics devices require the use of flexible Lithium batteries, and subsequently the demand for high barrier pouch laminates that will not crack or erode has grown.  The Hanita range of ultra high barrier laminates delivers the exceptional resistance to cracking, heat, gas, moisture or electrolyte permeation required.

Medical & Pharmaceutical

Hanita ultra high barrier laminates serve the medical industry with a range of translucent bladder materials for medical and pharmaceutical packaging use.  Like all Hanita ultra high barrier films, these laminates excel in permeation resistance, flexibility, and mechanical strength.

Ultra High Barrier Laminates

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