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CPL films

Functional Surfacing Films for CPL Processing

Decorative laminates manufactured by Continuous Pressed Lamination (CPL) offer the benefits of speed, versatility, length and cost-effectiveness, but have limited surface qualities. High Pressure Lamination (HPL) is known for delivering robust and prestigious top-of-the-line products, but has the disadvantage of finite dimensions and higher cost.

Avery Dennison Hanita’s new functional surfacing films upgrade CPL products to a level of gloss or matte associated with HPL, with the versatility, cost, and production efficiency benefits of continuous production.

Ideal for use in the production of decorative laminates used in cabinetry, furniture, countertops and flooring.

Functional Surfacing Films

Clear PET with high performing scratch resistant coatings

Avery Dennison Hanita’s new range of functional surfacing films for CPL processing improves both the performance and aesthetics of CPL laminates, cost-effectively and efficiently.

Based on 23, 36 or 50µ clear Polyester, the films feature high-performing super-matte or high-gloss scratch resistant coatings and heat-activated adhesive.

Ultra-matte films for exclusive, on-trend appearancecpl ultra matte

High-gloss films for premium HPL-style aesthetics

cpl high gloss

High Performance:

  • High scratch resistance
  • Good fingerprint wipeability

Top Aesthetics:

  • High-gloss or ultra-matte finish
  • High clarity for maximum visual impact of design
  • Negligible iridescence

Outstanding Processability:

  • Reliable, high-tack heat activated adhesive
  • Quality certified manufacturing
  • Consistent roll-to-roll and roll-to-sheet uniformity

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