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  Window Films
  What Are Window Films?

Window films are used to enhance the performance and safety of existing glass in buildings and vehicles. These films improve the external appearance of the glazing, and increase comfort and protection for the occupants. Solar control window films minimize glare and hot-spots; reduce solar heat gain and energy consumption; and virtually eliminate damaging UV radiation. Safety and security window films act as protective layers that will help hold fractured shards of glass together if the glass should shatter. Safety films are also available with solar control properties.

Hanita Window Films

Hanita has nearly 30 years of experience in metallizing, multilaminate laminating and chemical coating for diverse industrial applications. We have drawn on this professional knowledge and capacity to build a compact, consistent and innovative window film line. Our proprietary manufacturing processes allow us to produce films equal or superior in performance to almost all window films available on the market today.

Safety Zone and Solar Zone

Our solar control range of films for automotive and architectural use is marketed under the Solar Zone brand name, whilst our safety and security window films carry the Safety Zone brand. Hanita Coatings’ Safety Zone safety and security films are recognized as one of the leading brands of protective window films world wide, based on performance, quantity and quality. All Hanita window films share remarkable levels of clarity and cleanliness. This is the result of our determination to use only top quality polyester films, our superior chemistry formulations, advanced processing methods, clean room production environment, and tight adherence to demanding ISO 9001-2008 quality assurance standards.

Hanita Coatings is the major manufacturer of solar and security window films situated outside the United States. This offers us unusual flexibility and ease of marketing. Worldwide, customers - film distributors and large dealers - can buy directly from us, the manufacturer, with all the advantages and savings that this implies. Our European distribution center, HANITA-EUROPA, situated near Frankfurt supports our sales by offering speedy and efficient service to European customers. Sales in North America are channeled through our window film distribution company, HANITATEK, backed by three logistic centers throughout the States.

Hanita Window films - the difference is clear.


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Window Films