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Label Face Films – Print Plus

Hanita Coatings supplies labelstock manufacturers worldwide with label face films that enhance the innovative and functional properties of labels beyond print. High durability, flame retardancy, indicative coatings, hard coats, brand Identification and security features are just part of the added value label face film products we offer.

Demanding applications – tough solutions

Tamper-evident labels reveal a “footprint” message when removed or tampered with, usually displaying the word “VOID” on both label and substrate, clearly indicating that the label has been compromised.  Typical applications include pharmaceutical and electronic labeling, or anti-pilfering outer case seals. Hanita offers 23, 36 and 50 micron topcoated Polyester films with either a covert or overt (visible or non-visible) standard "void" text, or a personalized message, image or logo for brand identity and promotion. 
Custom messaging with crisp, fine imaging is ideal for intricate logos or small labels.  Available with No-Tack™ dry peel protection that leaves both the label and the substrate smooth and non-sticky.
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Security Films: Tamper-evident Facestock

Hanita’s tamper evident face films are available in countless combinations of appearances, messages and print compatibilities, ranging from a sparkling silver hologram to total transparency. Hanita’s palette of colors includes black, blue, and red films, alongside the traditional silver, white, matte and clear Custom-developed tamper evident films with additional security features such as taggants or watermark visual ID are also available.

Technical Specifications

Security Films: Anti-counterfeit Label Facestock

Hanita offers a specialized range of UV, Optical and Forensic taggants for varied levels of security. These may be combined with covert or overt tamper evident features, and watermark visual identification in customized development and constructions.

High Durability: Extreme Temperature Resistant Facestock

This extreme temperature resistant film for Printed Circuit Board (PCB) labels is based on 25 micron Polyimide film with a matte white heat resistant topcoat for thermal transfer and conventional printing, and shows exceptional color stability and barcode contrast at temperatures even over 2800C (5360F). Product passes flame retardancy rating UL 94 VTM – 0, and is resistant to solvents such as IPA, monoethanolamine or MEK.

Technical Specifications

High Durability: Flame Retardant Facestock

A range of black, white and translucent 1 & 5 Mil (25 & 36 micron) face films with UL 94 VTM-0 flame retardancy rating, delivering an affordable, thin and effective solution to the flame propagation requirements of the electronic appliance market. These Hologen-free FR films deliver full printability by conventional print processes and thermal transfer, or may be used as flame retardant base media for non-printable applications.

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Technical Specifications

High Durability: Tire Labeling Facestock

Tire labeling is one of the most challenging of labeling applications, demanding a coating that will enable print to survive under the challenging conditions of chemicals, abrasion, and extreme heat exposure - without yellowing or cracking. Hanita offers 5 mil polyester facefilms with thermal transfer printable glossy and matte white topcoats, tough enough to ensure bar-code traceability of tires throughout their manufacturing process.

Technical Specifications

High Durability: Chemical Resistant Facestock

Industrial and automotive labeling applications with harsh environmental conditions demanding high durability, particularly chemical resistance. Hanita’s 50 micron glossy white and clear PET with high solvent and scuff resistant topcoat are formulated for use with Ricoh B110CU ultra resistant resin ribbon, and  are fully tested and qualified by Ricoh.

Technical Specifications

For printing with UV ink jet and specialty thermal transfer ribbons with high solvent resistance, Hanita also offers a range of white, clear and silver PET with high solvent and scuff resistant topcoat.

Technical Specifications

High Durability: Hard Coat Facestock

Hanita’s PET labelface films with proprietary hardcoats enhance the scratch resistance, dry-erase and graffiti-resistance of labeling for indoor and outdoor applications.

Technical Specifications

Indicative Facestock

Hanita Coatings has recently added a line of printable PET face stock that irreversibly changes color after exposure to liquid, clearly indicating water intrusion. These facefilms provide an excellent solution for validity labels used in electronic equipment such as mobile phones. Available in a range of colors, and printable by conventional, TT and laser print.

Technical Specifications

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