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Digital print media
DuraView™-Plastic media for Wide Format Inkjet Printers
Specialty films optimized for Solvent, UV and Latex inks

DuraView print media for wide-format inkjet printers add a new dimension to conventional applications. Engineered for printing by solvent, UV and latex inks to optimize color saturation and density, these waterproof and robust media are ideal for vibrant in-door and out-door graphic applications.


DuraView Translucent Window Film:

DuraView Translucent Window Film provides the perfect print media for decorative, privacy and promotional applications on glass.  These self-adhesive polyester films with removable transparent acrylic adhesive and PET release liner are printable by solvent, UV and latex inks, delivering vibrant graphics viewable from both sides.   This combination of subtle translucency and vivid print is ideal for windows, doors, and partitions requiring privacy, promotional signage or decoration.   The film also provides an excellent alternative to sand blast for commerce, exhibition displays, or interior design. DuraView Translucent Window Film (M14833) was recently included as an accredited product on HP's Latex meda finder.  ( http://www.hp.com/latexmediafinder).

  DuraKling Magnet Display Film


The DuraKling range of magnet display films provide a flexible, economic and easy-to-install display medium, ideal for in-store back wall promotion,POP or trade show graphics.  The light, flexible polyester film adheres instantaneously to magnetic panels mounted on the wall, thanks to a thin metallic coating on the film’s reverse.  DuraKling needs no equipment, training or skill to install, and overlaps seamlessly to provide unlimited display size.  The film’s satin finish ensures the perfect ink key and consistently smooth surface required for production of vivid, high-resolution images.  DuraKling magnet display film is engineered for printing by solvent, latex and UV-based inks. DuraKling was recently listed on HP's Latex meda finder.  ( http://www.hp.com/latexmediafinder)


YUPO synthetic paper is a polyolefinic-based plastic film with a white, paper-like appearance. A leading synthetic substrate in the Far East, and growing in popularity in the West, YUPO combines the attributes of high-quality paper with the rugged durability and resistance of plastic film.

When the manufacturers of YUPO approached Hanita to develop a coating especially for Scitex Vision solvent based wide format inkjet printers, Hanita rose to the challenge with versions in both matte and glossy finish. 130 micron DuraView YUPO is ideal for front-lit graphic applications, or when backlighting is intermittent; posters; point of purchase and transit displays, indoors and out. DuraView YUPO is especially effective for scroller use, since its light weight means that more advertisements can be displayed than with heavier PVC media.


Translucent DuraView PET is a 125-micron clear polyester film, with a matte coating specifically developed for solvent inkjet wide format printers. Thanks to the excellent print density and anchorage, the vibrant colors and diffused light make this film the perfect media for backlit scrollers or light boxes. Being waterproof and durable, DuraView PET has a high resistance to weathering and condensation, making it ideal for medium-term exterior use. DuraView PET is available in 1.6, 1.8 and 2.00 meters width.

  DuraView Clear Safety Window Graphics

Hanita Coatings has combined two areas of expertise into one product - window safety film printable nted by wide format inkjet, delivering  stunning window graphics and enhanced glass safety.. The safety film helps provide a security solution for glass breakage by impact, collision, blast or natural disaster, whilst the printable surface provides tremendous graphic effect. Viewed from the inside or out, lit by daylight or by interior lighting, these window graphics can provide remarkable opportunities for decoration or advertising.

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