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Automotive Products


IR 75 Automotive

  • IR 75 Automotive spectrally selective film for windshield and front windows effectively filters heat-transmitting radiation, while retaining the visual clarity required by law. Delivering all-round UV block, reducing glare and limiting cabin temperature increase, IR 75 promises a more comfortable driver and passenger experience. IR 75’s subtle blue tint is virtually imperceptible, preserving the original appearance of the glazing.



4 mil IR 75 Safe

  • NEW!  4 mil IR 75 Safe delivers a combined solar control and safety solution for windshield and front-window vehicle glazing, lowering interior temperature, filtering UV radiation, and enhancing glass security.


  High Performance Hybrid Films
  • Cool Crystal
    NEW! Cool Crystal combines the high heat rejection of a lightly metallized film with the subtle graphite tone of a smoke shade deep-dyed polyester. The result? A high performance film with high aesthetic appeal that feels good and looks great. Color stable and covered by a lifetime warranty, Cool Crystal retains its protective performance and cool appearance for long-lasting impact. Available in five shades of graphite, from 35% to a discreet 04% VLT, to satisfy local legislation and individual taste.

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  • Alpha Plus
    Combining the unbeatable efficiency of metallized film with deep-dyed polyester, Alpha Plus provides sleek chic, and top performance. Superb shrink, quick dry and high flexibility guarantee effortless installation. Available with 99% UV block in five shades of crisp graphite, from a light 50% to a discreet 05% VLT.

    Features printed liner showing footage of film remaining on roll.
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  • Alpha Plus Safe™ 4 mil
    Alpha Plus Safe combines the high solar protection of Alpha Plus with a sturdy security laminate designed to enhance the safety of vehicle glass in accidents, and increase resistance to violent crime. Available in 20%, 36% and 50% VLT, with 99% UV block.
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    An installation–friendly range of hybrid metallized and dye films. OMEGA PLUS films feature speedier drying time and controlled shrink, and excel in both performance and good-looks. OMEGA PLUS films are available in 05, 15, 20, 35 and 45% light transmission. Features 99% UV block.

    Features printed liner showing footage of film remaining on roll.
  Premium All Metal Films
  • Solar Steel ™
    US patented all-metal high performance films with a calm gray appearance, available in 20, 35, 50 and 70% visible light transmission. Excellent solar energy rejection and relatively low reflectance, combined with superior shrink and drying properties.

    Features printed liner showing footage of film remaining on roll.

  • Cold Steel Safe
    35 and 50% VLT automotive security film in neutral gray, available in 6 and 10 Mil thicknesses, ideal for enhancing safety and comfort for vehicle side windows.

  Non-Reflective Films
  • Cool Coal™
    NEW! Cool Coal combines enhanced solar performance and enduring good looks. Cool Coal’s rich smoky graphite shade adds style and privacy. Robust and long lasting, engineered to prevent fading, Cool Coal’s rich color and performance are backed by a lifetime guarantee. Available in 5 shades of graphite smoke, ranging from a light 50% to a high-privacy 5% VLT

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    Features printed liner showing footage of film remaining on roll.

  • Sigma Pro™
    The Sigma Pro range of non-reflective automotive film utilizes nano-particle technology, delivering high solar performance, interference-free reception for electronic devices, and an attractive, durable color.  Competitively priced and shrink-responsive, Sigma Pro is available in six shades of graphite, ranging in VLT from 5-50%.  Provides outstanding 99.7% UV block.

    Features printed liner showing footage of film remaining on roll.

  • Alpha™
    A new generation of non-reflective automotive film that harnesses the power of nano-technology, providing high solar performance, durable color and a competitive price!  Alpha is available in five shades of graphite smoke with 99% UV block, ranging in VLT from a light 50% to a high-privacy 5%,

    Features printed liner showing footage of film remaining on roll.
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  UV Filter Film
UV Filter Film is the ultimate protection from Ultra Violet radiation. This clear film eliminates 99.8% of harmful UVA and UVB rays, and is deal for the sun-sensitive.

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