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SolarZone Automotive film from Hanita Coatings (Kotlav) takes a fresh approach to window tint film, combining superior aesthetics and performance with remarkable heat shrink properties for easy, efficient application.

  • Feel Cool – Solar Zone automotive films reject up to 73% of solar energy, creating more comfortable passenger conditions, and lessening the load on your air conditioner.

  • Look Cool – Choose from a variety of shades and light transmission levels to provide a customized appearance to your vehicle.
  • Protect Yourself – Solar Zone works like a sunscreen to protect your skin by rejecting up to 99% of harmful UV radiation.

  • Protect Your Car – Helps protect the trim, upholstery, carpets and fittings of your vehicle from the harmful UV radiation that contributes to fading, helping your car keep its value and good looks longer.
  • Stay Safe – Solar Zone window films can help bond glass fragments in the case of breakage resulting from accidents, projectiles or flying stones.

  • Stay Private – Keep your possessions out of sight from stranger’s eyes.

  • Stop Squinting – Reduces glare, limiting eyestrain on long trips and in busy city traffic.

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