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Pure Print - Topcoated Label Face Films

Hanita Coatings offers the broadest range of topcoated polyesters available, and is one of the leading suppliers to the label industry. For decades, Hanita's topcoats have been an industry standard, with universal coatings that span the widest gamut of inks, complemented by ranges tailored to specific print systems.



Digital label presses from HP Indigo, Xeikon and EFI Jetrion have revolutionized the label industry. Hanita Coatings offers materials developed in conjunction with the manufacturers of the print technology, tailored to maximize quality of print. Our Dura-Go (HP) and DuraKote (dry toner) digital label face materials for HP and toner-based presses are available in matte or glossy metal, translucent, and white, in a range of gauges.

Hanita is a leading supplier of filmic print substrates to the digital market. Rest assured that Hanita Coatings’ digital label face materials provide the same uniformity and purity of surface for optimal print quality and resolution. The films’ extended shelf life simplifies logistics, too.

With so much invested in a digital press, Hanita Coatings’ films are the valuable choice for fault-free label production with unbeatable quality.

Technical Specifications


Hanita supplies three main types of labelface targeting inkjet printing:

  • A combined inkjet film for water-based inkjets that can be printed by both inkjet and laser printers, ideal for office printing needs.
  • A range of topcoated PET films for industrial labeling, developed especially for high ink adhesion with narrow web UV inkjet presses such as EFI Jetrion, Xaar, Industrial Inkjet (Konica Minolta), and many more. Special versions with high solvent resistance are also available. 
  • Hanita's DuraView topcoated films produce stunning PSA window graphics when printed by solvent-based, eco-solvent, latex or UV wideformat inkjet printers such as HP, Roland, Mimaki, and others.

Technical Specifications


Hanita's range of PET films for laser printers offers a universal solution for both color and monochrome printing in many different appearances. The films provide excellent print adhesion; vivid, dense color; good lie-flat; and high chemical/scuff resistance.

Technical Specifications

Conventional & Thermal Transfer

Polyester films coated with a glossy and extremely smooth topcoat ensure excellent ink anchorage when printed by rotogravure, flexography, letterpress, offset, silkscreen and UV-cure printing processes. Available in matte silver, high gloss silver, gold, white, and super-clear; gauges from ½ to 4 mil (12 to 100 microns), Hanita’s topcoated label face material consistently provides superior ink anchorage, high gloss and sharp definition.

Technical Specifications

Variable Information Printing

A key advantage of computer-generated digital print methods is their ability to print variable data on demand. With Hanita’s computer imprintable face stock, permanent information can be printed using conventional processes, while the variable information, such as barcodes, can be added by digitally generated laser, UV inkjet or thermal transfer (TT) printers. Barcodes printed on PET labels with Hanita’s scuff/smudge/abrasion-resistant topcoats retain long-term durability and scanability.

The robust coating of these silver, translucent and white PET films makes them particularly well suited for labels exposed to tough conditions. Specialty coatings with high solvent and heat resistance are also available.
Technical Specifications

Laser Etch

Hanita's Laser Etch line of colored, coated polyester label face have been designed for speedy, effective laser engraving in high speed automated assembly lines by Nd:YAG continuous wave or pulsed lasers. Laser Etch films deliver a sharp, clearly defined image quality, with little debris, even at high etching speeds. Available in black gloss or black matte.

Pure Print

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