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SolarZone energy efficiency program

Hanita Coatings is a major manufacturer of window films and a global leader in the design and manufacture of exterior solar control films that deliver outstanding energy efficiency to glazing.

Hanita has tailored a unique 5-step program for implementing glazing energy upgrades with Hanita's SolarZone window films to provide a turnkey solution with total project support.

Building Survey

Guidance and tools for on-site data collection, with user-friendly tools for recording building data, and professional guidance in making the most of data available.  

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Energy Modeling

Comprehensive analysis and savings forecast, based on US Department of Energy -approved Energy Plus modeling engine, with proven correlation to actual results.

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Incentives Assessment

Support for meeting rebate and tax credit requirements where applicable. This is part of our localized expertise in various regions around the world.

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Film Installation

Non-disruptive, turnkey glazing upgrade by a certified SolarZone team ensures professional procedure and effective results, and backing by a long-lasting manufacturer’s warranty.

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Measurement & Verification

Post – installation performance tracking, providing measurement and verification of energy savings gained, using sophisticated electronic toolkits.

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How can you benefit? Energy Efficiency Professionals

For ESCOs and energy consultants, the SolarZone Energy Efficiency Program adds a new energy conservation method to your business - glazing upgrades.

Window Film Professionals

We equip you with knowledge, tools, professional support, and the industry’s most effective energy-efficiency films to give you a new item in the value chain to upturn your business.

Hotel and Hospitality Managers

Find out how an energy-efficiency upgrade with SolarZone films can benefit your hotel, giving high guest comfort - and low HVAC costs!

Property and Facility Managers

An energy-efficiency upgrade with SolarZone films not only improves energy performance inside the building, but it can also dramatically enhance its exterior.

Join the SolarZone energy efficiency Program today!

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Upgrading energy efficiency with SolarZone window films

Hanita Coatings’ SolarZone window films provide a comprehensive solution for upgrading the energy efficiency of glazing. Professionally installed on glass, SolarZone window films filter more than 80% of solar radiation passing through the glass to effectively reduce heat buildup, keeping interiors cooler and reducing HVAC system workloads.

*Up to 30% air-conditioning consumption and 20% total savings based on whole building energy modeling with clear glass and reflective SolarZone films. Actual figures vary.

Installing SolarZone window films also helps enhance a building’s green rating and certification.

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No Air-Conditioning?
You Can Still Save

If you don’t have air-conditioning, or limit its use, SolarZone high-performance window films are critical in lowering summertime interior temperatures about 5 ºC (8 ºF. If they replace the purchase (or upgrade) of air-conditioning, you’re well on your way toward greater energy efficiency and a much lower carbon footprint.



Energy Efficiency with Glass Security

Protection that pays for itself

SolarZone Safe films combine the shard protection of SafetyZone safety and security films with high levels of energy efficiency, superb heat rejection, UV block and a sophisticated appearance. These safety and security laminates upgrade glass security to produce a protective transparent barrier that delivers effective defense from glass fragments and splinters. Combined with outstanding solar control properties, the films cut unwelcome heat buildup and lessen the load on air-conditioning systems. In fact, the savings in cooling costs can effectively cover the expense of the glazing upgrade.
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