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Non-Reflective Automotive Films

  • Cool Coal™
    Cool Coal combines enhanced solar performance with enduring good looks. Its rich smoky graphite adds style and privacy. Robust and long lasting -- and UV stabilized to prevent fading or color change --Cool Coal’s lush color and performance are backed by a lifetime guarantee.

    Available in five shades of graphite smoke, ranging from a light 50% to a high-privacy 5% VLT. 

  • IR 75 Automotive
    IR 75 Automotive spectrally selective film for windshield and front windows effectively filters heat-transmitting radiation while retaining the visual clarity required by law. Delivering all-round UV block, reducing glare and limiting interior temperature build-up, IR 75 promises a more comfortable driver and passenger experience. Its subtle blue tint is virtually imperceptible to preserve the original appearance of the glazing.

  • 4 mil IR 75 Safe delivers enhanced glass security and delivers clear heat-rejecting comfort for installation that suits all vehicle windows.
  • UV Filter Film 
    UV Filter Film delivers the ultimate protection from UV radiation by eliminating 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays, making it the perfect clear-film solution for the sun-sensitive. It can usually be installed on windshields and front windows without any restrictions.



Non-Reflective Films

Film Transmitted Reflected UV Rejected Total Solar Energy Rejected
Cool Coal 05 5% 6% 99% 43%
Cool Coal 18 18% 6% 99% 42%
Cool Coal 28 28% 6% 99% 39%
Cool Coal 38 37% 7% 99% 37%
Cool Coal 50 53% 7% 99% 32%
IR 75 Automotive 76% 9% 98% 44%
4 Mil IR 75 Safe 76% 9% 98% 44%
UV Filter Film 87% 11% 100% 18%

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