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Keep safe with Advanced Security Solutions

Hanita Coatings has partnered with Al-Sorag, Israel's largest, most experienced company in safety and security solutions for building envelopes and facades, to develop advanced security solutions.

In combination with Hanita’s SafetyZone security films, Al-Sorag’s WinBar™ products upgrade the physical safety and security of structures to protect them from serious threats: shattering glass, forced entry, bomb blasts, extreme weather, or accidental impact. WinBar installations require no structural change, making them significantly more cost-effective than other systems on the market.


No-Bar™ Anchoring System

The No-Bar™ patented anchoring system works in combination with SafetyZone window film to strengthen windows by holding the glass securely to the existing wall-mounted window frame, enabling it to better withstand threats from impact, forced entry, bomb blast and natural disaster. The system is approved, sold and installed as a substitute for metal bars.

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Cable Catch

The Cable Catch™ system offers an additional layer of security to enhance the protection provided by SafetyZone films. An energy-absorbing steel cable prevents windowpanes and frames from turning into dangerous projectiles in the event of a powerful blast or extreme weather.

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Clear Bar

Clear Bar™ attractive transparent bars give a sense of openness and spatial continuity in homes and offices. This unique product is an ideal retrofit solution for existing windows and balcony railings. Made of a polymer alloy that is extremely tough and durable – and completely transparent -- Clear Bar with SafetyZone security films makes one of the best options for securing commercial buildings, banks, offices and homes against theft and forced entry.

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Product Data

Effective Window Defense Blast Distance: M Pressure: PSI Impulse: PSI/MSEC
Clear Bar+No-Bar System Cable System No-Bar System 12 mll Saety Zone
Security Film
Clear Bar+No-Bar System 15 59 194
Cable System 25 18 115
No-Bar System 30 11 86
12 mll Safety Zone Security Film 80 3 35

This table is for schematic use only, and a defense specialist must be consulted before each installation.

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Security Solutions

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