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The Answer to Upgrading Plastic Glazing

When installed on the exterior of existing polycarbonate or PMMA glazing, PolyZone films protect easily scuffed plastic or dramatically reduce troublesome heat buildup and glare. Hanita has developed a completely new formulation for bubble-free film adhesion to plastic glazing, with a unique, clean-removal adhesive that ensures substrates remain in pristine condition. PolyZone films share the same crisp optical clarity and high solar performance as all SolarZone window films, and are available in a range of energy-efficient solar control or clear protective versions.

PolyZone Solar Control

SolarZoneXTRM PolyZone SkyLite Silver 20X

Developed specifically for skylights, the XTRM range delivers extended life performance for flat and sloped roofing applications.  Its exceptional durability ensures energy efficient solar performance for year after year.  With an unsurpassed warranty and superb performance, SolarZoneXTRM PolyZone SkyLite Silver 20X is the ultimate heat reduction solution for plastic-glazed mall, conservatory or sports facility roofing.

 Excellent UV block plus 81% glare and heat rejection add up to exceptional interior comfort and shade.

PolyZone SkyLite Silver 20X

PolyZone SkyLite Silver 20X is a reflective Silver exterior film specifically engineered to withstand the demanding conditions of flat-roof plastic glazing, skylights, pool roofing or conservatories.


PolyZone Protect

Clear Protection for plastics

From bus shelters to acoustic barriers, PolyZone Protect films safeguard plastic glazing from graffiti, vandalism and everyday wear and tear.

PolyZone 4 mil Clear Xtra

Keeps polycarbonate and acrylic glazing looking as good as the day it was installed, protecting against scuffing, yellowing and premature aging

PolyZone 6 mil Anti-Graffiti Xtra

PolyZone Anti-Graffiti film stops graphic vandals, with a wipe-clean surface that shrugs off most spray, paint, acid and pen, or acts as a sacrificial film to protect against etching and gouging.

Ideal for protection for flat plastic-glazed bus shelters, safety guards or public walkways.

Product Data

Hanita can develop PolyZone versions of most SolarZone solar control films at request.

Film Transmitted Reflected (Interior) Reflected (Exterior) UV Rejected Shading Coefficient Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (G-value) Total Solar Energy Rejected
PolyZone Films for Plastic Glazing (PC, PMMA)
PolyZone Silver 20 Xtra 16% 63% 64% 99% 0.22 0.19 81%
SolarZoneXTRM PolyZone SkyLite Silver 20 15% 63% 66% 99.9% 0.20 0.17 83%
PolyZone 4 mil Clear Xtra 88% 10% 10% 99% 0.96 0.83 17%
PolyZone 6 mil Anti-Graffiti Xtra 88% 10% 10% 99% 0.96 0.83 17%
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