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Architectural Window Films – upgrading glazing from inside and out

Architectural window films provide an aesthetic retrofit glazing upgrade to deliver energy savings, UV protection, glare control and increased interior comfort.


Hanita Coatings offers a full line-up of window films to suit a wide range of commercial and consumer building needs, from energy saving to glazing security.


With decades of experience in the development of flat-glass solutions delivering solar control and enhancing glass safety, our expertise goes beyond the manufacture of superb interior window films: Hanita specializes in the production of exceptionally effective and robust exterior films providing outstanding energy efficiency.


Hanita has also developed unique window film solutions for plastic glazing - such as polycarbonate and acrylic - used in skylights and roofing, conservatories, walkways or shelters. This PolyZone range delivers either sun control, or surface protection from graffiti or scuffing.


For privacy or designer elegance, check out Hanita's range of interior design solutions.


Hanita window films division also manufactures a wide selection of solar Shade films for production of embossed and pleated roller window blinds.

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