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Hanita Pacific Window Films

Hanita Pacific is the Australian distributor of window film products manufactured by Hanita Coatings.
Headquartered in Nunawading, Victoria, Hanita Pacific provides customer sales and support for Hanita window films throughout Australia, employing a nationwide warehouse and distribution system. Hanita Pacific’s friendly and knowledgeable team of solar control experts is waiting to help you get the most out of Hanita Window Films.

Energy savings & Environment

Hanita Pacific is focused on providing effective solutions to enable energy efficiency through the use of high quality SolarZone window film. All types of buildings ranging from homes, schools, hospitals, hotels, municipalities, and low- and high-rise commercial buildings can benefit from the savings gained from the installation of Hanita’s energy saving window film products.

With simulation tools, expert advice and a wide range of products, Hanita Pacific has the technical expertise to help window film professionals, green energy consultants, building constructors, energy raters, architects and property managers choose a solution which provides the maximum amount of energy efficiency and hard dollar savings in any given situation.


Hanita Pacific supplies quality automotive window film products to upgrade the appearance, comfort and safety of private and commercial vehicles such as cars, buses, boats and trains.

Safety and Security

Hanita Pacific offers an outstanding range of safety and security solutions to improve the resilience of windows to a wide array of threats: graffiti, break-in, blast or accidental impact.

Technical and professional support from start to finish

Working in partnership with Hanita Pacific guarantees access to the professional support, technical expertise and marketing know-how needed to enhance the glazing of any project, any building and any business.


T: 1300 456 700

Unit 4, 50 Rooks Rd, Nunawading VIC 3131,


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