Energy Efficiency



VIPs to meet market-specific challenges

VIP specialtyWherever effective insulation meets the limits of space and volume, there's a specialty application for Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIPs). Applications continue to evolve to keep pace with changing demands and changing markets.

Hanita supports these developments by manufacturing superior-quality VIP laminates and envelopes, with features such as exceptional resistance to extreme heat and humidityoutstanding flame retardancy, or substrate-tailored adhesion-promoting coatings. Our VIP laminates incorporate a range of protective layers to handle the mechanical challenges presented by almost any application.

Hanita's in-house testing and applications laboratory ensures fast, creative, effective product development.

Thanks to our incomparable battery of accelerated ageing and weathering equipment, pilot panel production, and accurate functionality testing capabilities, Hanita can customize high-barrier films to match a range of requirements.

Our experienced team keeps up an ongoing dialogue with panel manufacturers, insulation specialists, and appliance and technology brand owners to develop next-generation VIPs.

Heavy industry

  • Furnaces and ovens, saving energy while insulating better and enabling a larger working heat field
  • Industrial and distric heating piping, with improved space-saving, energy-efficient insulation
  • Low temperature or cryogenics, for storage, laboratory or processing

Residential and commercial

  • Water heaters, saving electricity through improved insulation
  • Water dispensers with limited space, guaranteeing that water stays hot — and cold

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