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Dual Reflective Films

Dual Reflective Films

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Dual Reflective Films

Hanita’s range of Dual Reflective films - OptiShade, OptiTune and Titan Duo - all feature a reflective outer layer for high solar energy rejection, balanced by a less reflective inner layer.  The subtle reflective finish of the high performance exterior efficiently cuts heat buildup, whilst the low interior reflectance ensures a lightly tinted, natural appearance that preserves the view – and the ambiance.

Manufactured with a proprietary nano-technological development for exceptional durability and no-fade color.


OptiTune is available in a wide range of VLTs in a subtle neutral grey appearance, with a highly effective heat rejecting semi-reflective exterior, and a subtle interior.  Available in 5%, 15%, 22%, 30% & 40% VLT with Water Activated adhesive, and as a security laminate under the SolarZone Safe line. 

OptiShade (New!)

OptiShade features a warm, neutral brown shade with low interior reflectance, and effective solar performance. OptiShade is the ideal solution for residential use, since its earthy tone casts a warm, homey feel, yet keeps surroundings cool, comfortable and glare free.

OptiShade is available with Water Activated adhesive, in 15%, 25% and 35% VLT.


Titan Duo (Interior) and Titan Xtra (Exterior) both combine privacy with excellent outdoor viewing both day and night. Titan Duo provides an attractive neutral grey tone delivering outstanding solar performance, and is available in 05% and 15% VLT, for interior use with PS adhesive.

Extremely energy efficient, Titan Xtra provides excellent solar heat rejection and rapid payback. In fact, Titan Xtra 07 is the best energy saver in the SolarZone line, and suits even the most sophisticated glazing systems.

Available in Titan Duo 05%, 15% VLT for interior use with PS adhesive, and Titan Xtra (exterior) 07%, 20%, 30%, 50% VLT, PS.

Hanita’s Dual Reflective Films provide —

  • High levels of heat rejection cuts energy costs by reducing consumption and peak load
  • Outstanding glare control for enhanced comfort
  • Warm neutral interior with low reflectivity preserves ambiance and views
  • 99+% UV block limits fading and damage from the sun
  • Durable and long-lasting color, the result of advanced nano-technology coatings 
  • Bold appearance upgrades building exterior and maintains daytime privacy

Film Specifications

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