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Hanita Coatings’ core technology is divided into two main capabilities:

  • Deposition and Metallizing — Vacuum Thermal Deposition: vacuum roll coaters (2.1 meters, 2.3 meters wide) give optical density from 0.2 to 5. Proprietary technologies allow for the deposition of aluminium, copper and other metals, alloys and oxides.
  • Coating and Laminating technology: Four production coating lines (1.6-2.1 meters wide) and pilot production coating line (0.7 meters wide), employing:
    • diverse coating methods: direct and reverse gravure, Mayer-rod, comma coating, reverse roll, and micro-gravure.
    • selected coatings applied: different types of adhesive systems, UV-cured hardcoats, nanocoatings, dyes, lacquers, primers.
    • various in-line surface treatment technologies such as corona, atmospheric plasma, inert UV.

The quality of our metalizing and coating technologies is supported and upgraded by a strong in-house R&D group (chemical and mechanical engineers, physicists and chemists). Hanita's exceptional performance testing and applications laboratory promotes fast product development. This in-house capability fosters creativity to deliver forward-focused, effective products, which are based on new materials and coatings developed in response to marketing demands, process improvements or custom developments.

  • Hanita’s controlled production environment extends to its array of finishing equipment, which includes five slitter-rewinders and a clean room.
  • Roll-to-roll, high-volume equipment processes filmic substrates from 6 µm to 500 µm.
  • Advanced manufacturing facility is ISO 9001:2000 accredited, ideal for custom product development.


While Hanita's focus is on the conversion of polyester films, substrates such as polyamide, metallic foils, polyimide, PE, PEEK or nonwoven membranes are often integrated into the product mix.

Tel. 972-4-985-9919

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