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Hanita Coatings offers security solutions related to physical security (advanced protection for glazing) and product security (tamper-evident and brand identification label films).

Physical security solutions

When adhered to glass, Hanita’s SafetyZone security window films provide protective layers that secure shards and splinters if the glass shatters. Installing the right SafetyZone film can minimize the threat of glass-related injury resulting from impact, collision, blast or natural disaster. SafetyZone upgrades regular glass to the level of safety required by law for public places, which makes it an invaluable solution in the educational, municipal, retail and hospitality sectors. An excellent deterrent to smash and grab activities, particularly when combined with advanced security solutions, SolarZone makes an ideal solution for protecting industrial, government and military sites.

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Product and brand security labeling solutions

Hanita’s security films for label products provide label manufacturers, pressure-sensitive adhesive applicators and label converters with label face films for the production of security labels and branded identification solutions. From an exceptional range of tamper-evident films to optical taggants, to subtly watermarked surfaces that strengthen brand recognition, creative technologies developed by Hanita enhance the security of label face stock. 

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