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Hanita’s engineered films play a critical role in the field of insulation

Vacuum insulation panels

Our ultra-high barrier laminates service the production of Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIPs), delivering highly effective and space-saving thermal insulation for appliances, packaging and buildings. Barrier laminates also support the development of highly efficient warm edge spacer technology, which enhances the insulation of double-glazed IGU windows. 

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Window films

SolarZone solar control window films insulate glazing to cut heat buildup and provide exceptional energy savings through reduced cooling costs. 


Thermal radiation protection

Metallized films and laminates from Hanita deliver high levels of radiant barrier insulation. Enhanced by low-emissivity coatings, the films and laminates help reflect ~95% of radiant energy. Metallic transfer heat-rejecting films serve the protective clothing industry, providing effective insulation from infrared radiation and conductive heat. Other wide-ranging applications: agricultural netting or thermal screens that provide moderate day/night temperatures and shadow protection for crops, and protective heat radiation for satellites, military smart targets, space modules or vehicles. 

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Thermal insulation

Hanita's aluminized films form an integral part of Low-E window blinds or thermal sports clothing. In industries where preserving heat is vital, Hanita offers broad experience in the metallization and lamination of a range of polymeric films and nonwoven membranes. 

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