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Hanita products serve the hospitality, hotel and leisure industries with a number of products ranging from energy saving window films to durable print substrates.

Glazing upgrades

Hanita’s SolarZone solar control window films combine a high degree of guest comfort with low HVAC costs. A turnkey solution for glazing upgrades, SolarZone installations improve a hotel or restaurant’s functionality and appearance, provide significant long-term energy savings and promise a fast return on investment.

SolarZone window films quickly turn troublesome hotspots into temperate zones. Guest rooms retain pleasant temperatures — even when curtains remain wide open. In lobbies, meeting rooms and restaurants, SolarZone films eliminate glare and hotspots, so guests and customers enjoy their stay to the fullest anytime of the day or night. For hotel amenities, decorative films add privacy and designer elegance to doors, windows and room dividers.

When glass safety is an issue, SafetyZone security window films meet the challenge, and when serious upgrades to glazing security due to the threat of blast, break-in or natural disaster are required, check out Hanita’s Advanced Security Systems.

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Window signage

Available in clear or translucent finishes, Hanita’s self-adhesive, printable window signage films for glass combine promotion and glass safety when installed on glazing.

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Durable print media

Hanita’s range of durable, wipe-clean synthetic print media makes an ideal solution for digitally printed door hangers and tent signs, key cards, menus, tags and tabs. Optimized for either HP Indigo digital press or dry toner printers, Hanita’s print media guarantees perfect printability and long-term resilience and performance.

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