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Hanita’s Industrial Films division develops films and laminates specifically produced for the electronics industry.

Copper Skin

Copper Skin is a highly conductive aluminum foil laminate that employs Hanita’s patent-pending “copper skin” exterior coating for outstanding electrical connectivity. The film presents a cost-effective alternative to the copper foil traditionally used in flexible electronics. It delivers the economic benefits of aluminum foil and the trouble-free electrical connectivity of pure copper substrates.
The filmic laminate is used in the production of LED lighting, back electrodes for PV modules, RFID antennas, back contact for OLED lighting, cable shielding, copper tape and single- layer PCB/FPC applications. 

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Pure copper coatings

Hanita has developed proprietary technologies for metallization with pure copper directly on flexible polymer film such as PET, PC, PI or PN. Conductive tapes, conductive label face or conductive non-woven fabrics are typical application for this technology. These films are ideal for servicing the electronics market whenever highly conductive, extremely thin layers (from 10-300 nm) are required. 

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Hanita’s topcoated label face films targeted for the electronics industry are produced from highly durable, resistant polyester (PET) and polyimide (PI) that withstand the rigors of heat and chemicals for long-lasting legibility and functionality. 

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