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Hanita’s products offer the construction market a range of innovative, energy efficient solutions. 


Vacuum Insulation Panel laminates developed by Hanita enable exceptionally efficient, space-saving solutions for building insulation, delivering up to 8 times better insulation than bulky conventional insulation materials. The laminates are well suited to retrofit building upgrades and energy-efficient building design. VIP icon, construction icon.

In commercial buildings, SolarZone solar control window films lower energy costs and increase tenant, guest, shopper, diner and customer comfort. 

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Glass security

SafetyZone glass security window films deliver the impact resistance and shard protection needed to create a safe, protected environment. A wide range of film types and advanced security systems protect against damage caused by break-ins, blasts, natural disasters or impact. 

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Architectural features

When a building exterior needs an upgrade -- either a subtle change or a complete facelift -- SolarZone window films provide architects with functional and attractive design options. Hanita’s Specialty films help interior design professionals create privacy, disguise building features or add designer elegance to individual rooms, entire offices or whole buildings. 

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