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Hanita delivers the following range of solutions
for the Automotive market:


Hanita’s SolarZone solar control window films for automotive applications enhance the appearance of the vehicle while reducing heat, UV and glare to produce a more comfortable, pleasant passenger experience. Hanita’s SolarZone Safe line of automotive films combines shatter resistance with sun control. The clear IR line effectively reduces heat buildup for windshield and front-window vehicle glazing.
Available from major distributors worldwide and installed by trained professionals, Hanita automotive films combine superior aesthetics and outstanding performance with remarkable heat-shrink properties for easy, efficient application. 

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Label manufacturers supplying the auto industry choose Hanita’s durable label face films. Delivering the highest levels of print durability, chemical and scuff resistance to meet demanding automotive applications, Hanita’s label face films ensure that variable information remains traceable for the life of the label. Laser-etch face stock, tamper evident and other security features deliver effective brand protection for vehicle parts and component labeling.

Hanita developed its range of tire label films to withstand the rigors of the vulcanization process used in tyre production. This high-temperature PET label face for industrial processing is tough enough to guarantee bar-code traceability on tires and other rubber products throughout the entire manufacturing process. 

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Vehicle interiors

Interior dash board design takes on a new look with Hanita’s decorative, functional surfacing films. Abrasion-resistant, scratch-resistant and chemical-resistant properties — added to a myriad of appearances make Hanita’s surfacing films the superior finishing touch. 

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Hanita’s wide range of industrial thermal insulation products protects engine components from the excessive heat generated by the exhaust system. 

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